Hold Your Own Group Classes Upon Request

Does our schedule conflict with yours?  Set up a private group class, we come to you, no additional charge. Invite friends, family and business associates. Schedule a weekend morning or evening.

Multi-State Concealed Carry Classes, UT, AZ, FL, Oregon permits are available for residents of Oregon and adjacent states.

OR permit = $40.00
UT permit = $80.00
OR & UT permit = $100.00

Who is eligible for concealed safety training?

There is no pre-requisite to attending a Utah CFP class. However, Oregon and Washington residents must also maintain a license issued from their state of residence to carry concealed in their home state.

Do not bring weapons to class.

Upcoming Classes


Latus Motors Harley-Davidson

870 E Berkeley St.

Gladstone, OR 97027


Map & Directions



January 15, 2021 - Saturday - 11:00 to 12:30

Bonus: $10 gift card for Latus Motors


Oregon CHL - $40

Arizona CCW - $40


Space is limited


Reserve your place in class by email: ConcealedSafetyClass@gmail.com